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Faceless for the Arts
Megan's Backdrop What is this?
Why? ... or really, anything cooked by my mom!
Why? Amazing creativity and alternate universes in the land of Zamonia. Great fun cartoons intersperse his writing.
Why: It's meditative for me. Solving spatial patterns.
Why? Because I believe that if I had to repeat this life, with the EXACT same conditions, I would make the exact same choices - thus the fatalism. I also believe that everything is "perfect" in that it exists, therefore. I also believe that things work out... somewhere in there is the optimism...
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Max Sosna-Spear said: (on May 14, 2009)
i have made a profile--the ball's in your court.
Megan Miller said: (on Apr 19, 2009)
nice! :)
Brad Wolfe said: (on Apr 19, 2009)
i love this new backbrite...i just saw soca rocks head down my feed and got happy
Megan Miller said: (on Dec 10, 2008)
Hey Fen - no, not intentional! But it's great that it reminds you of that. I grew up on the ocean, northern California, and used to fall asleep listening to the waves breaking. The ocean has a powerful subconscious and archetypal significance for me.. though most days I don't know exactly what that means :P

Your nails sculpture is awesome, btw!
Unitarymatrix said: (on Dec 10, 2008)
Love the wave backbrite! Reminds me of Hokusai's "The Great Wave," was that intentional?
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Dec 5, 2008)
Hey Megan, welcome to the site! Your "Faceless for the Arts" Photoshop piece was sweet. And your backbrite may be the most classy the site has seen. Pretty sure there haven't been any serif fonts used in
backbrites yet :-)
Megan's BackBrite: "SOCA Rocks - Art Affair '10"
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SOCA Rocks -...

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